Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Manufacturer Supplier China

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

The ball of trunnion mounted ball valves is fixed, does not move under the medium pressure. Trunnion ball valve has floating seats, the seats move with the medium pressure to tight the ball and seal ring to ensure sealing reliability. The trunnion mounted ball valves are widely used in high pressure conditions and the size can be up to 60 inches.

Design features of Trunnion mounted ball valves:
Operation: Extended lever is easy for operation and available for gear, motor, pneumatic actuator for more different service.
Packing: Graphite for high temperature, Standard packing, multiple V-TEFLON packing combined with live loading. 
Body & Bonnet: 2 pieces below 12 inches, 3 pieces above 14 inches. Split body is easy for component repair.
Bore: Full bore or Reduced port can be seletced.
Fire safe: Design according to API 607 & BS 6755. When Non-Mental resilient seats are destroyed in a fire, the upstream medium pressure push the ball into the downstream metal seat lip to cutoff the line fluid and prevent the internal leakage due to secondary metal to metal seal.