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Strainer/ Filter

The Pipe Strainer / Filter provided by Weldon mainly include Y type strainer, T type strainer and Basket type strainer. which are important components of piping systems to protetc equipment such as pump and valve from potential damage due to dirt and other particles that may be carried by the process fluid. Pipe strainers can be installed upstream of pumps or valves to protetc them from construction debris that may have been left in the pipe. While the Strainer improves the clearance in the medium, and prolongs the life of pumps, valves and other equipments. It is suitable for water, Air, Gas, petroleum, steam and other fluids. It is easy maintenance when cleaning is required.

Product Range: 
Size: 2 Inch - 24 Inch (DN50 - DN600).
Pressure Rating: Class 150 LB - 600 LB (PN16 - PN100).
Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel, including WCB, GS-C25, LCB, LCC, LC1, LC3, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, WC6, C5, C9, C12, 4A, 5A, MONEL, ALLOY20, C95800, etc.
Connetcion End: BW, RTJ, Flanged.
Design & Manufacture Standard: ASME B16.34, DIN 3352.
Test Standard: API 598, EN 12266.
Y Type Strainers are named after their shape and normally used for course filtration where the amount of solids to be removed is small, and where frequent clean-out is not required. It is suitable for water, Air, Gas, petroleum, steam and other fluids, etc. The Y pattern strainers can be installed in both horizontal and vertical position. End connetcions including threaded, flanged and welded are available for Y Style strainers.
The Y Strainers screen can be cleaned by removing the plug in the cap or bolted cover allowing the strainer to drain the loose material inside the screen. The Y Pattern Strainers can also be cleaned by removing the bushing, cap or cover to access the screen element.
Basket type strainers are designed for installation in horizontal lines. They are commonly used for liquid service applications where high flow capacity is required. Weldon offer basket strainers in wide range of sizes, materials, pressures, end connetcions, and cover configurations.
Basket type strainers can be cleaned by removing the cap or cover and pulling out the basket screen for service. If the strainer screen is bottomless the blow-off plug can be removed allowing it to be drained and cleaned like a Y-strainer.
T type strainers derive its name from the shape of its shape which looks like "T", and are widely used in Chemical and Petrochemical applications. T type strainers from Weldon are available from 2 Inch (DN50) to 24 Inch (DN600), with a pressure rate up to Class 2500 LB according to ASME standard.