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Metal Seated Ball Valve

Metal seated ball valves are mainly used in harsh conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, solid particles, fibers, powders, etc., so reasonable structural design and high processing technology are necessary.

Main Features of Metal seated hard surface ball valves:
Applied to server working conditions for a wide range of temperature, up to 500℃ (932 F)and corrosive fluid.
The stainless seat is firmed by the spring, applied to various operation conditions, not only improve the seal performance, but also have a long service life and non-maintenance.
The spring is installed against the seat which ensure the ball have a close contact with the seat, So under high temperature, pressure difference with high frequency, the low torque value leads to cost effetcive.
After the surface hardening treatment, the seat can be more widely used on cement, paper pulp, corrosive fluid, etc,. In addition, the fixed ball is suitable for medium containing dust.