ASTM A217 WC6 Control Valve, 3-Way, 3/4-14 Inch, 150-600 LB

ASTM A217 WC6 Control Valve, 3-Way, 3/4-14 Inch, 150-600 LB

Key Specifications / Features

Model No.: WV-240130-CTV-08 Hits: 2

Elevate your control systems with our Carbon Steel Control Valve. Constructed from high-quality ASTM A217 WC6 and ASTM A216 WCB materials, this valve is available in sizes ranging from 3/4 to 14 inches. With Class 150-600 LB capabilities, it features a versatile plain or extension bonnet, bolted gland, and RF flange end for seamless integration into various applications.

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Detail Information

Size: 3/4-14 Inch, DN32-DN320
ANSI Class: 150-600 LB, PN20-PN100
Body Materials: ASTM A216 WCB, ASTM A217 WC6, ASTM A352 LCB, ASTM A351 CF8, ASTM A351 CF8M, ASTM A351 CF3M, ASTM A351 CF3
Temperature Range: -196 - +550°C

End connection:
Flanged End: FF, RF, RJ, LG
According to ANSI B16.5, JIS B2201, JB/T79.1, PN1.6MPa, JB/T79.2
Welded End: SW, BW

Plain bonnet (-17 to 230°C)
Extension bonnet(-60 to -29 ℃ or over 230°C)
Bellows Seal

Gland type: Bolted Gland
Packing: V-shaped PTFE, PTFE, Flexible graphite
Gasket material: Stainless steel(SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L), copper, aluminum


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