Double Disc Double Seal Pulp Gate Valve, WCB, 12 IN, 900 LB

Double Disc Double Seal Pulp Gate Valve, WCB, 12 IN, 900 LB

Key Specifications / Features

Model No.: WV-231228-AGV-01 Hits: 7

As a distinguished Wear-resistant Double Disc Double Seal Pulp Gate Valve Maker, we are proud to offer a robust solution for your fluid control needs. Our 12-inch valve, crafted from ASTM A216 WCB material, is engineered for wear resistance and durability. With a Class 900 LB rating and adherence to the GB/T 12234-2007 standard, this gate valve ensures optimal performance in challenging pulp applications.

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Detail Information

Design: GB/T 12234-2007.
Body: ASTM A216 WCB
Nominal size: DN300.
Nominal class: 900 LB.
End Connection: RF.
Face to face: GB/T 12221. 
Test and inspection: JB/T 9092.

Product Range:
Body material: Carbon Steel.
Normal diameter: DN50 - DN800.
End connection: BW, Flanged.
Pressure range: PN10 - PN160.
Working temperature: -29℃ - +200℃.

Technical parameters and characteristics
Product Wear-resistant double disc double seal pulp gate valve.
Nominal diameter DN50 - DN800.
Design temp. Down to -29℃.
Design pressure PN16 - PN160.
Material Carbon Steel.
Design standard GB/T 12234.
Face to face GB/T 12221.
Connection end BW, Flange.
Test standard JB/T 9092.
Package Plywood
Application Dry dust.



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