Diaphragm Remote Control Valve, Float, DN65, PN16, CJ/T 219

Diaphragm Remote Control Valve, Float, DN65, PN16, CJ/T 219

Key Specifications / Features

Model No.: WV-240108-CTV-22 Hits: 4

Introducing our Diaphragm Remote Control Valve, expertly crafted by a leading maker in the industry. This valve is designed for precision and reliability, featuring a Floating Type construction, DN65 size, and PN16 pressure rating, making it well-suited for diverse applications. With a 2-1/2 inch dimension and adherence to Class 150 LB standards, it ensures optimal performance.

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Detail Information

Product: Diaphragm Remote Control Float Valve
Size: DN65
Pressure: PN16
Body: ASTM A351 CF8
Trim: SS 304
Performance standard: 
Quality assurance: IS0 9001
Design: CJ/T 167, CJ/T 219
Structure Length: CJ/T 167, GB/T 12221
Test Standard: GB/T 13927
Connection: RF Flange

100X diaphragm remote control float valve is a hydraulically operated valve with multiple functions. Mainly installed at the water inlet of the pool or elevated water tower .When the water level reaches the set height, the main valve is controlled by the float ball pilot valve to close the water inlet to stop water supply, when the water level drops, the main valve is controlled by the float switch to open the water inlet Fill the pool with water to achieve automatic water replenishment. The liquid level control is precise, and it is not disturbed by water pressure. The 100X diaphragm type remote control float valve can be installed at any position according to the height of the pool and the use space. Diaphragm valves have reliable performance, high strength, and flexible operation. They are suitable for pipelines below 450mm in diameter. It is recommended to use the piston type fo diameters above 500mm.


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