API 608 Ball Valve, Double Block Bleed, 2 Inch, Class 300 LB

API 608 Ball Valve, Double Block Bleed, 2 Inch, Class 300 LB

Key Specifications / Features

Model No.: WV-231226-DBBBV-01 Hits: 4

Discover unparalleled reliability with our Double Block Bleed Ball Valve, expertly manufactured to the highest standards. Compliant with API 608, Gost, and Din specifications, this valve is engineered for optimal performance and versatility in diverse industrial applications. Featuring a sturdy 2-inch size, Class 300 LB rating, and DN50 dimensions, this valve ensures robustness and efficiency in fluid control.

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Detail Information

Name: Twin Ball Ball Valve, DBB Ball Valve
Size: 2 Inch, DN50
Pressure: Class 300 LB, PN50
Materail: Carbon Steel
Standard: API 608, Gost, Din
Temperature Of Media: -29℃ To 120℃

Product Range

Size: 1/4 -4 Inch, DN8-DN100
Pressure: Class 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, 2500 LB
Seat Material: PTFE, RPTFE, Devlon, Nylon, Peek
Connection: NPT, RF, RTJ, SW


Our response to the demand for a reduction in leakage paths has been the combination of primary and secondary valves into one compact unit. The combining of piping and instrument valves into a single team has benefited various markets.

Ephood can offer a particular combination of double block and bleed valve systems together with fittings, both designed and produced by us. Choice of this combination results in the elimination of taper thread connections and the need for thread sealant.


1. A one-piece integral forging incorporating 3 ball valves or a mixture of the ball and needle design.
2. Improved safety : leak paths reduced by up to 60%
3. Reduced costs: installation and component costs were reduced by up to 70%
4. Reduced weight : by up to 80%
5. Reduced susceptibility to problems caused by vibration.
Model number Q41/61F-300LB
Item Ball valve
Certification TS,CE,ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO18001
Connection form One Flange And One Thread
Body material Forged
Seal form Double Seal Construction
Feature Easy disassembly and assembly



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