Y Pattern Globe Valve, ASTM A105, DN100, PN200, BS 5352, BW

Y Pattern Globe Valve, ASTM A105, DN100, PN200, BS 5352, BW

Key Specifications / Features

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As a premier Y Pattern Globe Valve Factory, we proudly present a cutting-edge solution tailored to meet your fluid control requirements. Engineered to API 602 and BS 5352 standards, our 4-inch valve, forged from durable ASTM A105 steel, exemplifies precision and reliability. Featuring a DN100 size and PN200 rating, our Y Pattern Globe Valve ensures adaptability to diverse pressure specifications.

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Detail Infomation

Name: Forged Steel Bolted Bonnet Y Type Globe Valve
Size: DN100, 4 Inch
Pressure: PN200
Material: ASTM A105
Media: Oli, Gas, Water
Standard: API 602, BS 5352
Power: Manual, Pneumatic, Solenoid, Electrical Actuated
Temperature Of Media: -54℃ To 232℃
Model number YJ61Y-PN420-DN40
Item Forged steel Y pattern Globe Valve 1-1/2inch
Certification CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, TS, API
Connection form Butt Welding
Body material forged steel A105N
Seal material Gasket
Feature Easy disassembly and assembly

Product Range

Size: 1/4 - 4 Inch, DN8-DN100
Pressure: Class 150-2500 LB
Standard: API 602, BS 5352, GOST, JIS, DIN, ISO


Our Globe valves are used for flow regulation, frequent operation, increased flow resistance or for positive shutoff when closed. Globe valves are closing-down valves in which the closure member is moved squarely on and off the seat. In this mode of disc travel, the seat opening varies in direct proportion to the travel of the disc. This proportional relationship between valve opening and disc travel is ideally suited for duties involving the regulation of flow rate. Globe valves can also be used for on-off duty, the seating load can be positively controlled with high sealing capacity. The change in direction of fluid flow through these valves produces increased resistance and pressure drop. The oblique pattern globe valve body is designed to reduce the flow resistance of the valve to a minimum. This valve combines low flow resistance for on-off duty with the robustness of globe-valve seatings. Globe valves are used in many industrial applications including the oil and gas industry, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, automotive, and marine. Globe valves are also recommended for services requiring frequent operation and positive shutoff.


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