Pneumatic Top-Guided Control Valve, Single Seat, 3/4-8 Inch

Pneumatic Top-Guided Control Valve, Single Seat, 3/4-8 Inch

Key Specifications / Features

Model No.: WV-240130-CTV-03 Hits: 1

Expert fabricator of Pneumatic Top-Guided Control Valve crafted with ASTM A352 LCB material. This single-seated valve, available in sizes from 3/4 to 8 inches, caters to Class 150-600 LB applications. It features FF, RF, RJ flange end connections, a bellows type design, and a bolted gland for optimal performance.

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Detail Information

Size: 3/4-8 Inch
ANSI Class: 150-600 LB
Body Materials: ASTM A216 WCB, ASTM A217 WC6, ASTM A352 LCB, ASTM A351 CF8, ASTM A351 CF8M, ASTM A351 CF3M, ASTM A351 CF3
Temperature Range: -196 - +550°C
Type: Straight-through, cast globe valve
End connection: Flanged End, Welded End, Threaded End

Plain bonnet (-17 to 230°C)
Extension bonnet Type 1 (-45 to -17°C and 230 to 566°C)
Extension bonnet Type 2 Cryogenic)
Integral cast type (-100 to -45°C)
Welded type (-196 to -100°C)

Gland type: Bolted Gland
Packing: V-shaped PTFE, PTFE, Flexible graphite
Gasket material
Stainless steel(SUS 304, SUS 316, SUS 316L), copper, aluminum

Valve plug, Single-seated, Contoured type plug
Actuator Type: 
Single-acting diaphragm actuator, Spring type piston
actuator, Double acting piston actuator
Diaphragm material
Cloth embedded nylon and ethylene propylene rubber


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