Parabolic Plug Control Valve, 2-24 IN, 150-2500 LB, A351 CF3M

Parabolic Plug Control Valve, 2-24 IN, 150-2500 LB, A351 CF3M

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Model No.: WV-240116-CTV-05 Hits: 3

Explore our range of high-quality parabolic plug control valves, available in sizes from 2 to 24 inches (DN50-DN600). Crafted from top-grade ASTM A351 CF3M, CF8M, and ASTM A216 WCB materials, these valves ensure robust performance in diverse applications. With pressure ratings ranging from Class 150 to 2500 LB and PN20 to PN420, our valves meet the highest industry standards.

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Detail Information

Name: Parabolic Plug Control Valve
Size: 2-24 Inch, DN50-DN600
Pressure: Class 150-2500 LB, PN20-PN420
Material: ASTM A351 CF3M, CF8M, ASTM A216 WCB
Face to Face: ASME B16.10
Flange Dimension: ASME B16.5
Test & Inspection: IEC 60534-4
Temperature of Media: Medium Temperature
Operator: Electric, Motor
Connection: Raised Flange, Flat Flange, Butt Weld etc

Parabolic Plug Single Seat Cage Type Control Valve is German Technical design, single seat regulator including cage with the import and export of body and installed in the body of the valve cover, upper body and bonnet formed in the space with flow adjusting mechanism,

Stated in institutions, including flow regulating valve seat stated, a valve spool and seat allocation, a stem end fixed links valve core stated at the other end, stretch mentioned bonnet, wherein the valve stem can be described relative movement, under cover, a set of cage in mentioned bonnet with seating between referred to in one valve core, set with multiple orifice cage,

Its characteristic is described, and described the body seat to the side entrance, and the lateral extension and formed in with the valve spool relative ends with end plate, the board has multiple orifice.

The regulator has throttling structure, can make the high pressure fluid medium, the energy consumption gradually to the body erosion media function is reduced to the minimum, thereby prolong the service life, and valves reduce operating noise.


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