Bolted Bonnet Swing Check Valve, ASTM A105N, 1 Inch, 900 LB

Bolted Bonnet Swing Check Valve, ASTM A105N, 1 Inch, 900 LB

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As your trusted Bolted Bonnet Swing Check Valve supplier, we deliver excellence in fluid control solutions. Our 1-inch valve, manufactured from high-quality ASTM A105N material, is designed to meet the stringent standards of API 602 and BS 5354. With an impressive Class 900 LB rating and DN25 specifications, this valve ensures reliable performance in critical applications.

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Detail Infomation

Design Standard: API 602, BS 5354
Body Material: ASTM A105N
Nominal Diameter: DN25, 25 MM, 1 Inch
Pressure: Class 900 LB
End Connection: Integral Flange
Face To Face: ASME B16.10
Test And Inspection: API 598
Feature: Ball/swing combination check valve

Our swing check valves are designed with a globe-style valve body and a hinged valve disc to prevent reverse flow. The valve seat is typically full-ported and can be angled or straight-through. We provide a range of swing check valves tailored for water and wastewater applications.

Swing Check Valve

Swing check valves are commonly suggested for water and wastewater system applications due to their simple design, minimal pressure drop across the valve, and ease of maintenance in the field.

Swing check valves can be obtained with either a metal-to-metal seat or resilient seating. Resilient seated swing check valves are typically recommended for wastewater or applications where the fluid may contain dirt or other particles, and a secure seal is necessary.

The operation of a swing check valve generally relies on gravity (the weight of the disc) and reverse flow. The pivot point of the swing check is located outside the disc's periphery, and the closing force of the valve increases with higher flow velocity and potential head pressure. To prevent the disc from slamming shut and reduce hydraulic shocks, an external hinge arm is available, which can be equipped with either a lever weight or an adjustable spring.
Product name check valve
Size 1 Inch
Construction style swing check valve
Pressure 1500 LB
Temperature -29 - 425℃
Medium water gas gas
Connection type Flange
Material swing check valve
Purpose suitable for various industries



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