Eccentric Butterfly Control Valve, ASTM A351 CF8, 8 IN, 150 LB

Eccentric Butterfly Control Valve, ASTM A351 CF8, 8 IN, 150 LB

Key Specifications / Features

Model No.: WV-240108-CTV-11 Hits: 2

This precision-engineered valve, crafted from Stainless Steel ASTM A351 CF8, is designed to meet the CJ/T 167 standard. With a substantial 8-inch size (DN200) and a PN16 pressure rating (equivalent to Class 150 LB), it ensures reliable performance. The flanged end configuration provides secure installation, and the valve conforms to the Face-to-Face dimensions specified by GB/T 12221.

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Detail Information

Design: CJ/T 167.
Body: ASTM A351 CF8
Nominal size: DN200, 8 Inch.
Nominal class: PN16, Class 150 LB.
End Connection: RF flange.
Face to face: GB/T 12221
Test and inspection: GB/T 13927.

Product Range:
Body material: ASTM A351 CF8, ASTM A216 WCB.
Normal diameter: DN150 - DN1000
End connection: Flanged.
Pressure range: ≤0.05 Mpa
Working temperature: ≤80 ℃.

Technical parameters and characteristics
Product Pipe valve
Nominal diameter DN150 - DN1000.
Design pressure ≤0.05Mpa.
Design standard CJ/T167.
Face to face GB/T12221.
Connection end Flange.
Test standard GB/T13927.
Application Water, chemical properties medium similar to water.

Pipe Valve

The valve adopts a butterfly-type large eccentric inclined seat design, with low energy consumption, stable operation and good sealing effect. It has the functions of an electric gate valve, electric butterfly valve and check valves, quick closing and slow closing, which can effectively eliminate the danger of water hammer and protect the safety of the water pump and pipe network system. The valve is mainly used on the outlet pipe of centrifugal pump, mixed flow pump and axial flow pump of automatic water supply and drainage pump station There are two types of control devices designed, diaphragm type and piston type, which can be respectively applied to clean water, raw water and other media. In terms of product types, there are ordinary types, low-pressure return types, sewage types, and regulating types, to meet the needs of different customers under different working conditions. Due to its compact structure, small volume and lightweight, the valve is especially suitable for large-diameter pipeline systems. It can be widely used in power, environmental protection, metallurgy, petrochemical, water company, municipal, food and other industries, such as water supply and drainage systems, sewage pump rooms, and chemical fluid transmission systems.


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