ASTM A351 CF8M Slow-Closing Check Valve, 4 Inch, 150 LB, RF

ASTM A351 CF8M Slow-Closing Check Valve, 4 Inch, 150 LB, RF

Key Specifications / Features

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Introducing our premier Slow-Closing Check Valve, setting the standard for precision and reliability in fluid control. Constructed with an ASTM A351 CF8M body and SS 316 trim, this valve ensures superior corrosion resistance and durability. With a substantial 4-inch size and a Class 150 LB rating, it delivers optimal performance for a diverse range of applications.

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Detail Information

Product: Slow-Closing Check Valve
Size: DN100
Pressure: PN16
Body: ASTM A351 CF8M
Trim: SS 316
Performance standard: 
Quality assurance: IS0 9001
Design: CJ/T 167, CJ/T 219
Structure Length: CJ/T 167, GB/T 12221
Test Standard: GB/T 13927
Connection: RF Flange

Type 300X slow-closing check valve consists of the main valve, check valve, needle valve, ball valve, micro filter and pressure gauge to form a hydraulic control valve takeover system Using hydraulic automatic operation, the main valve can get the best opening and closing speed. Prevent water hammer and water hammer, so as to achieve the effect of slow closing and silencing. When the valve feeds water from the inlet end, the water enters the main valve control room through the microfilter, needle valve and one-way valve, and then drains downstream through the ball valve. Because the opening of the needle valve is smaller than the opening of the ball valve, that is, the drainage speed of the main valve control room is greater than the water inlet speed, so the pressure in the control room decreases, and the inlet pressure acting on the lower end of the main valve disc opens the main valve to supply water downstream.


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