Closed Bonnet Safety Valve, Full Lift, A216 WCB, 8 Inch, Class 300

Closed Bonnet Safety Valve, Full Lift, A216 WCB, 8 Inch, Class 300

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Model No.: SLSV-02 Hits: 62

Closed Bonnet Safety Valve Supplier: Closed Bonnet Relief Valves, ASTM A216 WCB, 6 X 8 Inch, Class 300 LB, Closed Bonnet, Full Lift, Flanged Ends.

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Detail Information

When the static pressure at the inlet of the safety valve reaches the set pressure, the disc rapidly rises to the maximum height (not less than 1/4 of the bore diameter) to discharge of the overpressure material. Closed Full lift safety valve is suitable for equipment or pipelines of general steam applications and compressible fluids such as air, steam and other media with working temperature ≤200°C as an overpressure protection device.
Bonnet: The Closed bonnet is designed to prevent dust and fording matters from invading and meanwhile protect toxic combustible media from over flowing. The medium cannot leak out, mainly used for containers or pressure pipes with toxic, flammable and explosive gases.

Design: ASME, API 526, API 520, ASME B 16.5
Material: ASTM A216 WCB
Flange Pressure Grade: Inlet Class 300 LB & Outlet Class 300 LB
Sizes Range: Inlet 6 Inch & Outlet 8 Inch
Inlet Temperature Range: -29 ℃ - + 427 ℃
Test and Inspection: API 527


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